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TOPIC: Anyone with JOINT PAIN? Arthritis? What's your story?

Wonderful info! 06 Mar 2018 21:05 #57839

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Tiger Balm works for me.
I was told that everyone gets arthritis with age.

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No one should get anything just because they age 07 Mar 2018 20:17 #57848

  • BeaDevorah
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For almost one year, both my husband and I suffered. About a year ago, my husband and I, now in our 60s, did some out of doors volunteer work at a "green space" lousy with Lyme and crewing lice. I was stricken with body rash as was a few others of us that day... thought poison ivy at first. About 3 months of helplessness, with no success of finding the cause, a veterinarian in our area confirmed it was crewing lice or biting mites. Traditional medicine says this cannot happen, as these creatures do not infest people. They said that about swine flu and bird flu and the aids virus too. The skin samples clearly show mites/lice yet traditional medicine wanted me to believe it was scabies, but when they saw that my husband, who sleeps with me in the same bed was not bothered, it suddenly changed to eczema, then psoriasis, then when huge holes began to cover my body it was DX as guttate psoriasis, Lots of prescriptions, all failures, sent them into saying my MIND was the maker of this dis-ease and Xanax was prescribed... which I REFUSED. My refusal gave the doctors an excuse to dismiss me and I was on my own to find a cure.
My point... I found through my search, the every inflammation dis-ease is not NORMAL. Inflammation can be wiped out, thus making my condition and my husband's on set of ?Lyme? arthritis fixable. We are both, in under 1 month of first MMS1 then onto CDS with MMS2, fixed! Not only did my body heal and his inflamtion heal but on his doctor visit this past week, his urologist was shocked! My husband's PSA was slowly sneaking up. It got to the point of bi-opsy of the prostrate. He went from 4.7 to a very heathy 1.3 PSA in our CDS/MMS2 time period. Never has the doctor seen such a radical fall. The prostate which he thought was normal, is considerably smaller today then when the size was charted 3 years ago. Every 6 months my husband went, and upon each visit nothing changed and the PSA slowly rose. Now every has changed and the PSA is below the normal. HIs hands that were frozen to the point he had to use his wrists to grab with are FREE and moving almost without any notice of problem... little stiffness when he gets up in the morning but that's all. His feet, ankles and hip, which we though was just years of abuse raising their ugly head in middle age... GONE. I had two cervical polyps that I have removed about every three years... fell off into the toilet... gone! Our bellies are flat and we have both lost weight and our skin is wonderful and youthful. Age... has nothing to do with ill health. Toxins we live with for so long do. Age of toxin contact and build up CAN BE REVERSED. Tiger balm... is just one of those wonderful fixes that can help the body help itself... regardless of age. ;)

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