NOTE: None of the products, protocols or methods here have been approved by Jim Humble or the Genesis II Church : This is the research forum and was set up by the Genesis 2 Church for those wanting to discuss and experiment with MMS, other Church Sacraments and new complimentary technologies. Any experimentation that you personally do is at your own risk. Full disclaimer.


Welcome to the Genesis II Research Forum!

SPAM ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY: We welcome anyone who is interested in sharing information and learning about issues related to MMS, Wellness, and the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

However, if you're here to promote other interests, post anything unrelated to the purpose of this Forum, or cause friction or reactions from Forum members, your posts will be removed immediately, your account closed, and if you do further posting with new accounts, your IP address will be blocked. Please respect the purpose and mission of this forum by Genesis II Church of Health & Healing.

Thank you your interest in MMS and helping to bring its powers of restoring Well-being to the World.

If You're Looking for Information on How to Use MMS, go to

IN ORDER TO POST TO THIS FORUM you will need to create an account to register. Click the blue "Create an account" text below the login boxes and fill out the information and, if it looks good click the "Register" button after doing the anti-spam image puzzle. Then, when a confirmation email titled "Account Details for [user name here] at Genesis II Church of Health and Healing" comes to the email address you registered, usually within seconds, click on the activation link in the email to confirm your email address. You can then login and post to the forum.

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You Can Search for Any Keyword or Subject in the Forum using the search tab on the right at the top of the page. The nature of a web forum prevents logical arrangement of all the info on any one topic - people tend to put stuff where they will, and often great info on an unrelated matter gets put in the replies to a thread. Use the search to find it where you'd otherwise never think of looking.


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