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MMS with eczema, tooth abscess, urinary infection, toe fungus

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21 Nov 2010 19:00 #72 by brtanner
from quirinus

Well, all very nicely phrased and so on. But my personal experience is that MMS DOES cure illness. I fortunately did not have cancer but I was cured of a very bad eczema in a root canal which otherwise would have implied the loss of a tooth, a virulent urine infection ( got it all in the jungle in Laos with no doctors and Antibiotics around for miles), and a nail fungus which I had for 27 years and which NEVER cured by any other means...
These are my personal experiences with MMS within one year of trying it out. A cure which all in all cost me something like 15 dollars for all the above mentioned.

So don't tell me that all is a scam! I still live and have not noticed any side effects except that the stuff tastes horribly.

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