Jaw bone cavity

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15 Jan 2014 20:21 - 15 Jan 2014 20:33 #38785 by Dr A
Jaw bone cavity was created by Dr A
Has any one tried MMS/CDS/MMS2/dmso for jaw cavities?

I have one left from a toxic root canal. the tooth has been removed, but due to my chronic health problems (ME/CFS) the bone has still not healed (its called a 'nico lesion').

I have had this for 10 years and it is highly toxic, I have had some very good surgery for it, but it didn't heal fully,due to my systemic problems.
The CDS/Dmso and MMS2 is getting more to the root of this problem than any thing, so I can feel how it linked to my whole body, as it's fighting the infection.
I want to try to get CDS, and also MMS2, as close to the site as possible, without surgery at first.

I can feel MMS2 is the best thing for this problem. it feels amazing, especially in enemas.
I read you shouldn't take MMS2 in water orally, but i have been applying it a bit to this tooth and seems ok.

I am considering using home dental techniques like a water pick and cannula tips with MMS to get closer to the bone. or just regular injections without bone surgery Doe any one have any ideas? thanks
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