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Food with 1000 protocol

1 year 7 months ago #261 by mthill
Thanks all for the info you share!!
I am confused on how to do the protocol that is the new every hour x 8-10 hrs when it says you need to take on empty stomach but it says to eat a healthy diet

Can you take it every hour even though you have eaten?
Thanks for any help!

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1 year 7 months ago #262 by CLO2
Maggie, you should eat small amounts of food while on the protocol and in between doses. Wait until about 1 hour after your last MMS dose of the day to eat a large meal and take supplements.

Also, during the protocol hours, be sure not to eat or drink anything that will reduce the effectiveness of MMS such as antioxidants.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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