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CDH Research

Research, Testing and Investigation:
A mutation of MMS and CDS (CDH)
Chlorine Dioxide Healing Solution
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Re: CDH: Brushing Teeth With It
by Dawna
09 Mar 2017 19:56


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### Research Section Disclaimer ###

NOTE: None of the products, protocols or methods here have been approved by Jim Humble or the Genesis II Church :

This is the research forum and was set up by the Genesis 2 Church for those wanting to discuss and experiment with MMS, other Church Sacraments and new complimentary technologies. Any experimentation that you personally do is at your own risk.

Before anything is submitted to the Church for approval it must be first approved by Jim Humble in writing and posted under his account.

The main source for approved church material, protocols, etc, is the MMS Wiki or Jim Humble's latest book at http://www.jhbooks.org

Each person using this Forum is considered to be completely responsible for themselves and their own personal health. Any experimentation that you personally do is at your own risk.

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CDH Research

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