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And hi to my dear friend CLO2 as well, whose patience with me kept me trying.:) Oh how funny to see my name mentioned in a post. And yes... DO NOT MAKE IT THE OLD FASHION WAY! That was a horrible yet exhilarating experience my husband and I will cherish forever - kablewy!. I'm new too! not even a month old yet. You are in good hands here. My suggestion is READ, read and re-read, and be careful with the measurements as to not get them confused. I had such a hard time with the what is equal to what vs drops or ml but I got it now. We made our first batch of CDS and it tastes so much better than the CDS I bought, and certainly so much better than the MMS1 mix. CLO2's website, , is a G-d send to us and the homey aspect of the PDF pages lets you SEE what it should look like, whether it be charts or actual photos or video links. I even printed out the Protocol Schedule so I can keep tract of my CDS. MMS2 and food: I like order and schedules and timers. Again, welcome and blessings to you and yours. Mozel Tov = good flow of Life's waters in your days ahead!

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Cindy, I think you should start with low amounts of MMS1 topically as you seem not to be able to handle much CLO2 at this time. So, for topical dosing, try 3 drops of MMS1 (3 drops of MMS + 3 drops of activator & activate for 30 seconds, then add about 20 drops of water) and increase 1 drop daily until you have a problem, then reduce 1 or 2 drops the next day. Stay at that level for a few days and see what happens.

Instructions for Protocol 3000 start on page 96 in Jim's book.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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YouTube Instructional Videos:
Answers to many questions are in Jim Humble's books:
How to use CDS, CDH in Protocols:
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