CDS For Unknown Chronic Illness - General Questions I have

22 Feb 2018 06:57 #57656 by BeaDevorah
I did the 6 and 6 Protocol also in the beginning but its only to be done for 4 days (page 169 of the First Edition MMS Health Recovery Guide book which is the newest 2016 edition)
I did it for a week and I got sicker than a dog from doing it. So I stopped, and my body recovered in 2 days and the third day I started the 3 drop a day schedule and have had no ill feelings at all and my illness is loosing its hold on me.
Never make yourself sick doing any of the Protocols.
Slow and steady wins the race. Never more than 3 drops an hour, 9 times a day. It may seem like nothing when you mix it up but its ENOUGH for your blood stream to get the job done. This way the body has a nice steady amount of CD in the blood stream. You must watch your food and liquid intake and avoid many things completely or the MMS1 will not work. No coffee, teas, chocolate, no Vitamin C as in supplement or juice like orange or tangerine, having to wait a 1/2 hour each side of a meal, and making the meal a small meal not a feast. Using it on the outside of the body by sprayer with the added use of DSMO. Taking a MMS1 baths, giving yourself and enema, and so much more than just drinking it in large doses. If you are going to jump into the MMS health kick... jump in! Don't just drink, dive in and use its wholeness to help achieve your wellness.
After I shower, I rinse well for several minutes to wash off the soap I used. Then I make up a batch of 20 drops activated for 30 seconds, that I add about 12oz of water too. While standing in the shower/tub I slowly dump this over my head, and body and rub it all over me. Remember if you have a septic tank you might want to do this outside the shower/tub on a large towel to catch it rather than have it run down your drain.
Hang in there but don't make yourself sick. Slow and steady and be consistent and watch what you eat. The fix is never easy, it take perseverance and patience... and the First Edition of Jim Humble's book that has many changes since the first two Pre-Releases.
I send blessing to you and yours... be gentle on yourself and have patience, I know its hard but you must do the Protocols right. There are 18 years of research involving millions of people to back those facts up... or so says Jim Humble on his site. He knows best: don't change HIS protocols!

Never follow another man to live your life. Live your life by using their wisdom as just one of your tools to plow your own path. You can help more people through service than you can by taking the lead: best to be at the end of the line to help find the lost and return them to the proper path... their own! Even a King needs to be elected. Once they have been elected, a true and wise King will become "their" servant rather than have those who elected him serve him.

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22 Feb 2018 15:06 #57667 by Nightshades
Wow yea that was last summer. And I did that the wrong way. I went way too overboard and overwhelmed my body with endotoxins and it did not really have a good effect. I stopped taking the MMS for a time, but now I've decided to give it another try and go about it right. So that's what I will do, and I wont let myself herx I have to go slow this time!

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