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Ebola Cure - Muturou's Work in West Africa Using CDS

3 years 3 days ago #133 by Scott_McRae
Hi everyone,

I've been following the work of a Japanese man by the name of Muturou and he recently went to West Africa to help in the fight against Ebola and appears to have had some success! Here's what he has to say about his trip:

(To see all of the pictures, and there are a lot, be sure to see the PDF immediately below):

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Muturou Speaking:
Quite recently I received a confidential invitation from the government of
Sierra Leone requesting that they want to know the possibility of using
MMS which is CDT=Chlorine dioxide-therapy) for ebola so I hurried up to
travel to Sierra Leone.
I figured that the CDT seminar would finish in a week but I allotted about 3
weeks in case the local medical people might ask me to get involved in the
actual therapy.
Because there are all kinds of restrictions, I’m not able to share everything
here but what I can share is my personal experience and technique in
dealing with infectious diseases.
There are restrictions with photos and videos that I can share so I'm only
sharing the people and the locations that are not identifiable.

My daily routine goes like this. Every morning I recorded the strength of the
new CDS (Chlorine dioxide-solution). At 8 am I heard the reports of the
therapy that was done the day before and I will shipped out the necessary
things. In this way I was able to record the strength and the amount of what
I have used so I can analyze what needed to be done.
In the villages that had ebola outbreaks, the possibility of getting infected
from the people who are living together and from the neighbors was very
high so it seemed that CDS was already being used to prevent the
widespread of the disease. One of the things that was becoming a problem
in the regions that also have malaria, typhoid fever and dengue fever along
with the ebola outbreak was that, since the already limited medical facilities
and equipments were used to cope with ebola, the people who had these
diseases weren't taken cared properly. They had come up with the
estimation that the death from malaria could increase twice as much by
February of next year. Also, there were many cases where the people who
were infected with previously mentioned diseases died because that were
mistakenly segregated as being infected by ebola.
CDT (Chlorine dioxide-therapy) was extremely effective in dealing with the
problems that they were facing because with this method you don’t have to
perform a test to know if it is malaria or dengue or other diseases, or for
that matter, what type of malaria it is. And it does not require to know what
kind of medication it needs. It was also very effective because with CDT,
the efficacy is immediate and the body becomes free of pathogens on the
same day or by the next day. Typically, CDT was very effective when it was
given as early as possible and as long as you can to the people who were
infected but the symptoms were not manifested.
I am not suppose to share the effectiveness and the information about
ebola but there was an woman who was advance in age whom the village
people worried that she had ebola but got well in a day after CDS (chlorine
dioxide solution) was given to her. The rumor went out that a miracle had
happened. Later, I received a word of appreciation from her on a medical
staff's cell phone.
Before I left Japan, I heard the news that more than 100 medical people
who were involved in treating ebola patients died. They were dedicating
their lives and worked day and night without much sleep, hoping that they
could help the people who were suffering. I wanted to be able to help them
and that is why I had the desire to tell them about the effectiveness of
CDT. The common phenomenon among the majority of CDT users is that
they no longer catch cold. Personally, I used to catch cold about 2-3 times
a year but for the last 6 years, I never caught one. My understanding about
why I didn't catch cold anymore was because I was taking CDT which limits
the effect of cold virus and other pathogens. I knew that this was true and
that there is a value in using CDT as something that is worth trying to fight
ebola especially when there was no other method to try.
In the afternoon, I listened to the reports and had discussions like this.

In the afternoon, from 12:00 pm to 15:00 pm during the break time we were
doing Transmission Meditation with the Japanese people and the people of
the world. We were making some big declarations that the people who are
suffering from ebola would be saved as quickly as possible and the ebola
will stop right away. We were also working hard to transmit the energy that
comes from meditation with the hope that the people who are suffering
from poverty and famine, persecution and discrimination of the world would
be saved immediately. 

午後は12時から15時まで休憩でしたので 伝導瞑想(TransmissionMeditation)を 日本と世界の方々と行い エボラで苦しむ人たちが1秒でも早くに救われますように 1秒でも早くにエボラが終息
しますように [ 大宣言 ] という出来事が1日も早くに行われて 世界の貧困や飢餓 迫害や差別などで苦しむ人たちが1秒でも早くに救われ すべての人が幸せになりますように すべてが良くな
りますように と 瞑想によるエネルギーの伝導作業を行っていました
The house that I was staying turned into a clinic from the light evening to
night time. Everyday I was giving CDS to many people and was giving
instructions. In the beginning when people who had ebola-like indications
and conditions came to the house, I was nervous about it but the thought
disappeared later and was able to continue treating them. There were
many people that came to us who appeared to have been infected
especially by malaria and typhoid fever come back the next day saying “it's
healed, it's healed” as they jumped and rejoiced. Usually, when people start
to show the strong symptoms typical of malaria and dengue fever, they
would have pains in the head and on the whole body and even when they
take medications for malaria for couple of days and they come out
negative, they would still have the pain left on their body. The difference is
that with CDT all the symptoms would go right away so everybody was
happy about that. For those people who couldn’t even walk, we instructed
the people what to do and they brought CDS to them.
And there were some people who really got enthusiastic and they came to
us everyday. I have studied many different things and taught many different
doctors and governmental agencies and rich people and companies about
CDT but the knowledge of it did not expand. I believe that happened
because the people who heard about CDT actually lived in a place and
houses where it was hard for them to get malaria to begin with and even if
they got infected by malaria they would use CDT but they wouldn’t teach
the poor people about it.
The other time when I was working in the Thai and Myanmar boarder area
called Mae Sot, , I was able to reach out to a boarder area by teaching the common people,
who were the mothers and the family members of children who in turn
taught the neighbors and their relatives. So, this time in Sierra Leone I even
taught many of them where to acquire the raw material.

Abu Bakarr Jalloh, an excellent and very intelligent person, studied MMS
with me very diligently for 3 weeks. I taught him everyday and taught him
even the things I have kept it from the public. I was impressed about him
because after 3 weeks he was already able to make arguments with me.
Jelloh has been thinking about the ways to eradicate malaria and I believe
that he will continue on in this path. In the future, I probably become
someone that will learn from him. I want to support him financially but I am
not able to do so because my own activities are already being funded by
my own income and by the contributions of other individuals.
I have few things that I want him to have and I seek your help on this.
The spiritual value of this investment is very big and he is the only CDT
specialist in Africa if ebola and other pathogens become out of hand in his
country and in the neighboring countries. I am very confident to say that
supporting him is very valuable because he is very brilliant and your
contribution will enable him to do the activities that he desires.
[ Cost of raw material for MMS and Citric acid: about 500,000 yen ]
(With this amount we can cover the whole Africa for some time. )
[ Machine to measure concentration of Sodium chloride: about 50,000 yen ]
[Microscope: about 50,000 yen]
[Funds for activity and expenses and etc. : annually 300,000 yen]
(His income is 4,166 yen a month/ 138 yen a day working 16 hrs. everyday
without dayoff )
[Computer and video equipment: about 100,000 yen]
For your contributions my bank account information is as follows:
Mizuho Bank, Ebara Branch (branch number:216)
Regular Account: 2234106 Muturou Ishii , Mobile phone: 090-9853-3063
Direct contact with Mr. Jalloh: Telephone +232 77-3076-74
Address: 6D Old Wharf Road
Wellington, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Name: Abu Bakarr Jalloh (best way is to use Western Union)
E-mail: Jallohabubakarr This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mr. Jalloh’s facebook

[ MMSとクエン酸の原料輸入費 約50万円 ] 
[ 二酸化塩素濃度計測器 約5万円 ] 
[ 顕微鏡 約5万円 ] 
[ 活動支援・経費その他を含めて 年額 30万円くらい ] 
[ パソコンとビデオ 約10万円 ]
ご支援に関しましては みずほ銀行 荏原支店 店番号216
普通口座 2234106 石井睦郎 まで 携帯090-9853-3063
ジャロウさんへ直接の場合 電話番号 +232 77-3076-74
名前:ABU BAKARR JALLOH まで ウエスタン・ユニオンが便利です
メールアドレス:Jallohabubakarr This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mr. Jalloh went around villages for many times and he even learned how to
use the chlorine dioxide concentration measuring machine.
ジャロウさんは 今回いくつもの村を回ったり 二酸化塩素濃度計測まで学びました

The above is the report of Ebola MMS Activity under restrictions but I was
able to come home to Japan with a peace of mind because an excellent
human resource, Mr. Jalloh was able to become someone who can
represent Africa as an CDT expert. In case the situation arises when he
cannot handle, I will be able to go out for I am well trained in concentration
measurement machine and analysis.
This time it began with a confidential request from the government of Sierra
Leone but some information has gotten to the Foreign Ministry of Japan
and this caused all kinds of problems. However, I am grateful from my heart
that I was able to accomplish my goals because you have given to me your
emergency supports.

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Take care,
Scott McRae
PS. Many thanks Muturou!

Scott McRae
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3 years 1 day ago #134 by CLO2
This quote from Jalloh on his FB page today:

This is Very hurrable in sierra leone we are loosing most of our professionals Doctors in sierra leone, today we loose another doctor. Also last week. Please let the MMS team from Japan and the world help us to fight against EBOLA. I need urgent back up to help me.Because i am the only MMS specialist in Africa.

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