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How to Make 3000 ppm CDS Using MMS & 4% HCL

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How to Make 3000 ppm CDS Using MMS & 4% HCL

The Genesis II Church, in Jim Humble's 2015 book MMS Health Recovery Manual, states that 4% HCL is now the recommended activator for MMS. Four percent HCL will also work to make 3000 ppm CDH, but it will not produce 3000 ppm CDS using the safe, overnight method, at least it won't using the current accepted procedure.

So, testing was done to discover a recipe that will make 3000 ppm CDS using MMS and 4% HCL with the overnight procedure. Below you see a chart showing testing results that it is possible to make 3000 ppm CDS using MMS and 4% HCL.

As you can see, a total of 9 ml of MMS and 9 ml of 4% HCL will achieve this goal. But the chart shows 4.5 ml at the 3000 ppm line! The way this works is that a total of 9 ml of each ingredient is used, but half of that at a time. It requires two separate infusions of CLO2 gas (chlorine dioxide gas) into the same distilled water, now converted to CDS.

At the beginning of the procedure, 4.5 ml of MMS and 4.5 ml of 4% HCL are put into the reactor container which is then placed in the 500 ml receiver container that holds 240 ml of distilled water.

Then, 12 hours later, discard the reactor solution and add a fresh solution of 4.5 ml of MMS & 4.5 ml of 4% HCL and continue the procedure another 12 hours for a total of 24 hours.

I suggest you use 5 ml of MMS and 4% HCL to be sure you get 3000 ppm or slightly higher CDS.

In the past it was said that 10% HCL was needed to make 3000 ppm CDS and that did work well. But most people do not have 10% HCL, instead they usually have 4% HCL. Now, all Sodium Chlorite Solutions (SCS) can be made with 4% HCL so the user only needs to buy 4% HCL, not 5% or 10%. Nor is 50% citric acid needed to make MMS1, CDH or CDS. Do not use 5% HCL to make CDH because it will only be effective for a very short time. Using 4% HCL to make CDH, the shelf life is two weeks.

2 ml of 3000 ppm CDS contains the same amount of CLO2 as a 1 drop dose of MMS1 when ingested.

500 ml capacity clamp-lid glass receiver container,
silicone lid-to-jar gasket, and
90 ml capacity glass candle holder reactor.
Reactor is 2" (5 cm) diameter, 2.5" (6.35 cm) tall.

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2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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